meanings incorporated is a fundamental new information technology that revolutionizes computing, software, internet, commerce, and human communications.  Our technology will soon become fundamental infrastructure of the 21st century information age.

meanings incorporated is a spin-off of ICE.  ICE is our acronym and trademark for "inorganic conscious entity" - which is already more capable and advanced than human consciousness in many important ways.  While developing ICE, we invented new technologies that let our software exactly determine and express the author-intended meaning of every concept (word, phrase, abbreviaion, acronym) in virtually any communication, including email, web-sites, software applications, documents, speech, games, etc.  This technology can exactly determine and express the meaning of concepts in such thorough, practical, human-friendly ways that mind-boggling consequences, applications, and possibilities become practical.  Consider the following illustration.

With our technology, pre-school children can sit at their computers, read books and web-sites, and understand them --- even children who never learned the alphabet, or speak only Spanish or Chinese.  And while they enjoy being entertained, they unwittingly learn to read - without adult help or supervision.

fundamental capability # 1
Our technology can help everyone everywhere, of every age, nationality, background and sophistication understand every document clearly and thoroughly - whether the topic is science, technology, engineering, software applications, technical articles, arts, crafts, geography, history - virtually anything.  With our technology, confusion becomes comprehension.

fundamental capability # 2
Our technology is a universal translator that lets any person read, understand and operate any web-site, software application and document in their own language no matter what mix of languages the originals contain.  Our technology can automatically and instantly translate language with near perfect accuracy.  How can this be?  Other software produces poor translations because it has little or no ability to infer the author-intended meanings of words, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations.  But the ability to precisely determine author-intended meanings is the core capability of our technology.

Therefore, one revolutionary technology shatters both the language barrier and the primary barrier to comprehension.

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